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Return from Christchurch

March 26, 2012

The week hiatus from blogging is over.  I didn’t actually expect to stop writing for the week, since it was hardly a proper holiday (returning to one’s hometown to meet with academic advisers never is) and it wasn’t like internet access was scant.  But I got all busy with being sociable/reveling in being back in a place where I have friends and family, with lunches and going to weddings and such.  And also working, which is something I do on occasion when the need arises.  So the blog fell by the wayside.

It’s probably a good thing to get used to though, since I’m off to Malaysia in a few weeks and the blogging robot has not yet been pre-programmed to take my place.  Expect scant posts throughout April, is what I’m saying.  I’ll go for quality over quantity, which is also something I do when the need arises.

So just a few notes on the Christchurch trip, in bullet point form since I’m a little rusty at this narrative blogging thing.  One week off and it all falls apart, kind of like going to the gym.


  • I realised that this was the first time since moving here that I’ve flown domestically without any international connecting flights.  Turns out domestic airport security is even more like the 1990’s than previously suspected.  I showed my ID to exactly nobody and liquids are a non-issue.  Of course, I’ve been well trained to leave toothpaste etc. at home, but it’s good information for the future.  Never again will I have to transfer all my shampoo to those stupid travel sized bottles.  Never again, because I’ve pretty well sworn off travelling outside of New Zealand.  The rest of the world’s airport just aren’t as pleasant.
  • Christchurch was much the same as it always was.  Aftershocks were minimal, which was nice.  We had a good 4.something jolt the night I got there, but otherwise it was pretty calm.  The big issue de jour is whether or not to tear down the damaged cathedral in the square.  It’s been something of a city icon for a long time, but it’s pretty well crumbled.  Sort of an interesting nostalgia vs. cost of repair/replica rebuid case playing out in the press.  I suspect it’ll be torn down in the end.
  • I finally caved in and bought make up in New Zealand, which has been on my list of things that are verboten on the principle that it costs so damned much for no good reason.  But I had a wedding to go to, and I kind of wanted some mascara.  The cheapest stuff was $20 at K-mart, and I’m still kind of annoyed about it.
  • As mentioned, we went to a wedding while we were down there and it was fun and personal in the way that every wedding ought to be.  We’re actually going to catch up with them in Malaysia next month; good friends invite you to their wedding but great friends invite you on their honeymoon.  Or at least tolerate your presence.  So congratulations Tay and Richard!  Can’t wait to see you in KL.
  • And finally, it has occurred to me that I need to finish my thesis sooner rather than later.  This has obvious implications on the amount of sleep I’ll be getting in the next three months, but also has implications on the blog.  Namely, that my diligent three-posts-a-week schedule is getting canned.  Down to two posts, probably on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  And since ‘Wellington Thursday’ has no kind of poetry to it, I’m just going to write a photo-based post every Thursday without the alliterating theme.  Sad, I know.


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