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Sometimes I write stuff that finds its way to other, non-personal-blog forums.  For more insight on travelling and living and adventuring–insights that have benefited from editors and spell checking–read on at:


10 Important Life Lessons You Learn From Living Abroad

9 New Zealand Wine Regions You Should Know About

And sometimes I talk to people about travelling and living and adventuring and they write it down, like I’m some kind of celebrity.  Though I suspect celebrities get a free lunch when they do interviews.

Expat Arrivals

Escape From America

Also, I have some talented relatives who ought to be recognised.

The little sister is a digital art prodigy based in Portland, Oregon.

The father figure is an abstract oil painter.

My mom’s a way good speech pathologist, but for some reason doesn’t have a website about it.  My swell diction will have to stand as online testimony to her mad skills.

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